Process FX

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Digitally simulate traditional film cross-processing techniques, creating skewed color effects that range from the subtle to the extreme.


The best cross processing filter available anywhere, in use by professional photographers and imagemakers the world over!

Bring your images to life - ProcessFX transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Cross-processing is a technique used in traditional photography where C-41 print film is processed in the chemicals meant for the processing of E-6 slide film, or vice versa. Images processed in this way are easily recognisnisable, with their strangely altered colours and increased contrast.

Different types of film and chemicals produce different results, and the process is often difficult to control and repeat. ProcessFX allows you to reproduce the cross processed look in software, with full control over the effect.

Please take a look at the short Flash tutorial, this will explain the operation of the filter more fully.

ProcessFX allows you to save settings for later reuse, making it easy to reproduce any effect. Several presets are supplied with the plugin. The real beauty is the cost - free!



Move mouse over image to see example ProcessFX conversions.

Example 3
"Low Contrast Green-Blue" Preset

Example 1
"Classic Cyan" Preset

Example 2
"Dark Surprise" Preset


ProcessFX is supplied with a number of useful presets, such as "Classic Cyan" and "Dark Surprise". You can alse save your own presets when you find settings that you like. If you'd like to share your creations, please let us know!